Notes to Contributors to DSRA Inc.:

Please consider making a monthly contribution to support our ongoing expenses in our fight to restore our pensions and cover our nominal association operating costs.
Please click on the "Contribute" button at the top left of the home page to make contributions on line, or send checks or e-checks to our mailing address at:
PO Box 64
Carmel  IN  46082-0064
Click here to Contribute – Thank you for your support!
If you have questions regarding contributions, or DSRA expenses, please contact the DSRA Treasurer.
Bank account contributions - Contributions by ACH (Automated Clearing House) can be accepted via your online bank check payments facility, the only details you might need are our address (as above), and phone number (313-498-0155).  Contributions by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) can also be made via your personal PayPal account if you have one.
Credit cards and PayPal contributions - DSRA accepts on line contributions via any major credit cards or PayPal. To minimize costs and administration, DSRA processes all credit card transactions via PayPal regardless of whether you have a personal PayPal account or not. For one-time contributions the use of PayPal is transparent; for recurring contributions the process will require you to open a PayPal account with an email address and password of the your choice.
To change credit card information or a recurring contribution:
  • If you have a PayPal account, please log into your PayPal account Wallet to add/edit/delete a credit card as needed.  To change recurring contributions for a new credit card, go to Payment Settings, Payment Preferences. If you want to change the amount, you will need to cancel the active recurring contribution or credit card in the Payment Settings, Pre-approved Payments, then create a new recurring contribution to your preference.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account (but you are grandfathered for recurring contributions), (1) please contact the DSRA Treasurer who will cancel your recurring contribution from PayPal; then (2) you will need to set up a new recurring contribution, with a PayPal account, via the DSRA website "Contribute" button please.  For your security, we only have access to your name and contribution amount(s), we do not have access to your credit card type or number.
Problems with contributions via credit cards or PayPal:
  • Please contact the DSRA Treasurer to check if we can resolve the issue, but some issues are beyond our control, for example: An error message such as: "Your credit or debit card has been declined for this transaction; PayPal could not validate the card. Please verify that the information you entered is correct, or try a different credit or debit card" or "a problem has occured" may occur when PayPal does not recognize a credit card being used for a contribution, either (1) where the user has a PayPal account and they are using a credit card that is not associated with their PayPal account; or (2) where the user does not have a PayPal account, and is using a new credit card and the inter-card services have not yet caught up with the data matching, which can take a period of time with some credit cards; and (3) if the user has their browser has an ad blocker or is set to block third-party cookies.  We are very sorry for your inconvenience, and we value your contributions, but DSRA cannot resolve these problems.  For resolution you may need to change your browser settings, or contact PayPal, or contact your credit card company.
Contributions to DSRA Inc. are not tax deductible under IRS rules pertaining to 501(c)(5) tax-exempt organizations.