Discounts for Delphi Retirees

Discounts for Delphi Retirees are provided here as courtesy information, the linked list is updated from Delphi information when updates are available, or on an approximately 6-monthly basis.
Click here for current discounts check as current June 5, 2018
Additional info for EyeMed issued Nov 19 2015
All discounts are at the vendors' jurisdiction and determination. Delphi retirees are not necessarily offered the same discounts as Delphi employees. In every case the retiree may have to provide some documentary proof of being a Delphi retiree or of their former Delphi employment. Delphi retirees are responsible for negotiating their own discounts.
If an Employment Verification Letter is needed to receive a discount, please email Lesley Marcott at Delphi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.* with your request; please provide your full name, the last four digits of your SSN, and your current street mailing address. A verification letter will be created and e-mailed to you. Please allow two working days for this process.
* Please contact Lesley Marcott for retiree discount information only; for any other employment verification for loans, employment, or other purposes, verification should be obtained from the Delphi Wage & Employment Verification Center.
DSRA provides this information as a courtesy, and is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.