Board Member - Beth Bernthal Reindel

Employer info:   Delphi Steering, Saginaw MI
Service dates:   1974 - 2010   36 Years

Work History: 

  • GM strategic planning for operations and acquisitions/divestitures both US and overseas.
  • Geschäftsführerin (Managing Director) of Auto Components Plant in Germany - 6 years.
  • Worked with Saginaw Futures, MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation), BV (Buena Vista), City of Saginaw and Saginaw County Commissioners on incentives for GM/Delphi.
  • Saginaw Community Foundation and Saginaw Futures Board member (and past president).
  • Worked at Delphi headquarter - Troy, MI, Kokomo, Indiana, Buffalo NY and several other GM and Delphi plant sites.
  • Executive committee member for – GM Saginaw Steering Gear, Delphi Electronics & Safety, Delphi Thermal, Delphi Aftermarket, Delphi Communications.
  • Event and trade show management.

Volunteer History:

  • Frankenmuth City Council, Chair German Heritage Committee, Great Lakes Bay Econ. Dev.,
  • St. Lorenz Foundation
  • Golfview Condo Treasurer
  • 100 Women who care
  • German Exchange Program Director
  • Saginaw County Economic Development
  • Sister City Treasurer, City Beautification, City Human Resources, Transportation Advisor
  • Frankenmuth Community Foundation

Specific Skills:

  • Proven leadership skills and experience in a non-profit organization.
  • Executive leadership experience in strategic planning, marketing, operations, finance, communications, public relations, human resources, executive coaching.

Other Qualifications: 

  • Financial Skills
  • Media and communications experience and network connections
  • Marketing and Sales skills and experience
  • Human Resources leadership and experience
  • Ability to maintain accurate, objective and transparent records and documentation
  • Advanced computer skills