Board Member - Tom Rose

Employer info:   Delphi Chassis Systems, Dayton, Ohio
Service dates:   1969 - 2008   39 years

Brief Recent Work History

  • Plant Manager at Delphi Thermal Plant in Dayton, Ohio – 1,600 employees.  Led final year of production and plant closure.
  • Last job assignment was at Delphi Chassis Needmore Rd plant, Dayton, Ohio, helping with plant closure.

Brief Volunteer History

  • Helping build a Wright B Flyer modern lookalike aircraft to flying status
  • Youth baseball coach for 7 years
  • Managed high school hockey team
  • Swim/Tennis Club Board President (300 families)
  • Coordinated volunteer efforts to help reelect DSRA ally Congressman Mike Turner in Dayton, Ohio
  • Accepted multiple roles helping DSRA since 2009 to regain our pension:
    • Continuous coordination with Congressman Turner for 11 years
    • DSRA Fundraising
    • Coordinated various efforts for rally’s, Congressional hearings, including testifying at two Congressional hearings

Specific Skills

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Multiple leadership positions in U.S. Army and GM/Delphi
  • Learned to manage things and lead people
  • Good organizational and communications skills
  • Willing to take on multiple roles as needed to help DSRA
  • Will pull my fair share+ to accomplish DSRA mission

Other Qualifications

  • Eagle Scout at age 13
  • Graduated college with Mechanical Engineering Degree
  • From ROTC, served two years in U.S. Army, including one year as platoon leader in a Combat Aviation Battalion in Vietnam
  • Many different leadership positions in 39 year career with GM/Delphi