Updated 1 March 2020.
We believe that recent dialog with Comcast's filtering services has now removed DSRA from Comcast's spam filtering and that DSRA members with Comcast email addresses should now be able to receive our eblasts.  We will therefore discontinue posting copies of eblasts to a secure area of the website for special access.
To ensure that your mailbox is ready to receive our emails we still recommend the following protective actions with your own system settings:
EITHER – Login to your Comcast email via a browser directly at the web level (not via Outlook or any other email client), then check "enable spam filtering", and check/enable "keep a copy of spam emails" – you should then be able to find your future DSRA emails in your SPAM folder and even move them to your inbox.
OR – Login to your Comcast email via a browser directly at the web level (not via Outlook or any other email client), then uncheck/disable "enable spam filtering" – this will allow all spam emails into your inbox (click here for suggested settings in Comcast) – if you are using Outlook, Thunderbird, or another email client you may be able to set secondary spam filtering there to send non-DSRA unwanted spam to a local spam/junk folder in your email client.
Changing spam settings as above allows delivery of DSRA eblasts to Comcast users who have changed their settings.  We believe that changing the filter settings along with Comcast delisting us from their spam filtering will allow Comcast users to receive our emails.
We still recommend members not to use ISP (cable provider) email addresses, we recommend the use of independent personal email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, outlook.com which are not tied to ISP's, businesses or workplaces, or devices.  We do not permit the use of GM/Aptiv/Delphi or automotive business emails, and we do not  condone or support the use of any business or organizational emails for our messages.
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As of today, 11/29/2018, we are experiencing a number of email domains blocking our emails, this is a sudden occurrence after years of sending similar mass emails to our members without being blocked.  A significant number of these email domains are controlled by Time Warner Cable.  We are seeking ways to overcome this issue.  At this point we are unable to send eblasts to about 5% of our members which includes members using the following email domains.  We apologize for this problem at this critical point in our legal case.  We will post updates to this situation when we have progress or work-arounds to report.
At this point we are unable to send eblasts to about 5% of our members, including members using the following email domains:

Gmail making DSRA emails harder to find!

Special notes for Gmail users:

Gmail has decided to make life tougher for marketing emailers – and DSRA emails are considered "marketing emails" because we send mass emails sent to a large hidden distribution.  Gmail has a new tabbed inbox format (unless you change it), and this means that DSRA emails may not arrive in your Primary inbox unless you take some action.
Without any action you may find that DSRA emails have been sent to your Promotions tab, or even another tab – it seems to be an arbitrary filter!  Many mass emailers are sending messages similar to this to their distribution to alert Gmail users, and it has already been documented that the "open" rates by email readers have dropped since Gmail started their new tabbed inbox.

Google Help Example, showing the new Gmail tabbed inbox:

Here are some hints for you to find or redirect DSRA emails that we are sending to you.

  1. Simplest!  If the new inbox isn't quite your style, you can simply switch off all optional tabs to go back to classic view, or switch to any of your other favorite inbox types.  Log in to Gmail at the web site level (cannot do this via Outlook or other organizer), click on the gear wheel, top right, then click on settings, then click inbox, and select or de-select choices.
  2. If you really like the new Gmail tabbed inbox you will need to keep checking the other tabs if you cannot find DSRA emails, or you could direct all DSRA emails to your Primary tab, as follows – using this Gilt/Gilt City marketing example, substitute "DSRA Inc." <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> for Gilt/Gilt City in this example!

Click here for related Gmail help article

Thank Gmail for this extra effort to find your DSRA emails!!!



“I’d like to conclude with a few thoughts about these pension terminations.  Under pension insurance laws, when companies go bankrupt and leave their plans with large unfunded liabilities, some participants may not get the full benefits promised to them by their employer.  This unfortunately is not unusual.  What makes the Delphi terminations different is the linkage to the GM bankruptcy and GM’s role as a pension benefit guarantor.  Additionally, Treasury’s multiple roles in this process, as SIGTARP just noted, has led to concerns about transparency to Congress and to the public.  Although Treasury has established policies to separate its multiple interests, we believe the most effective means of addressing concerns about these different roles is for Treasury to be as transparent as possible about its activities.”
Barbara Bovbjerg, Managing Director of Education, Workforce and Income Security, U.S. Government Accountability Office; Testimony during Hearing.

# # #


“Our point is just be transparent.  Just say it and let the American people judge, like yourselves, and all of us who funded the bailout, do we agree or disagree.  But the point is don’t hide behind roles or don’t try to downplay your involvement.  Just tell the truth because you know what, the American people are pretty smart.  We know there was a crisis.  We know something had to be done with GM. And we understand that their role (Auto Task Force) was monumental and they had to do something to restructure GM.  If you just be transparent and tell the truth, then the American people will decide."
Christy Romero, Special Inspector General for TARP; Testimony during Hearing.

# # #

This information is provided for DSRA Members' reference in conjunction with eblast dated 2/2/2016 for those retirees who achieved less than Full Retirement Eligibility when the Delphi Salaried Pension Plan was terminated by the PBGC in July 2009.
Delphi Retirement Plan Freeze Presentations (5), for changes effective October 2008:
For service dates on or before Sep 30 1983 ........ SRPPlanfreeze204HBefore1983Final.pdf
For service dates Oct 1 1983 thru Dec 31 1987 ... SRPPlanfreeze204H1983-1987FINAL.pdf
For service dates Jan 1 1988 thru Dec 31 1992 ... SRPPlanfreeze204H1988-1992FINAL.pdf
For service dates Jan 1 1993 thru Dec 31 2000 ... SRPPlanfreeze204H1993-2000FINAL.pdf
For service dates on or after Jan 1 2001 ............. SRPPlanfreeze204HAfter2001Final.pdf
Divested & Merged Delphi companies that may have different qualifiers for Full Retirement Eligibility:
(May not be a complete list and we do not have HR contact information for these companies or plans.)
  American Axle
Coil Springs Business (Chasco)
Delphi Diesel Systems
Dayton-Phoenix Group
Detroit Diesel Technology Corporation
DR International; DRA, INC
GM Components Holdings (GMCH)
Inteva Products, LLC
ITT Automotive (Valeo)
Johnson Controls (JCI)
Kyklos, Inc. (KBI)
  Lear Corp
PEP Guide, LLC
Peregrine, Inc
Tenneco Automotive
Vehicle Access Systems Technology
Additional references: