DSRA Contacts

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Name Position Phone
Ron Beeber Board Member, Treasurer | Finance | Fund Raising 313-498-0155
Beth Bernthal Board Member | MI Legislative 989-652-4572
Chuck Cunningham Legal Liaison | Strategy Team Chair
Bruce Gump Board Member, Chair | Legislative Contact 330-770-6021
Michael Hissam Board Member | Media Relations | Communications 915-504-4941
Mary Miller Board Member, Vice-Chair | OH Legislative 937-371-8530
John Norris Board Member, Secretary | Administration | Memberships 941-312-2120
Tom Rose Board Member | Fund Raising Chair 937-886-5696
Bob von Schwedler Webmaster
Paul Beiter Point of Contact - New York, Rochester | DSRA-BT VEBA, Chair 585-424-2079
Beth Bernthal Alt. Point of Contact - Michigan 989-652-4572
Paul Dobosz Strategy Team | Legal | Legislative 317-750-8437
Dale Erdman Point of Contact - Alabama 205-333-8397
Tom Green Legislative, Dayton OH
Bruce Gump Point of Contact - Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky | Ohio Legislature | DSRA vice-chair 330-770-6021
Jim Herbert Point of Contact - Indiana 765-620-1589
Paul Higgins Point of Contact - New York, Western 716-795-9140
Ken Hollis Point of Contact - Michigan 248-318-3503
Mary Ann Hudzik Strategy Team | Ohio Legislature
Gil Putt Point of Contact - Wisconsin 414-708-0241
Jim Senary Point of Contact - Texas, New Mexico 330-881-1052
Tom Smith Point of Contact - Mississippi, Louisiana 601-924-0808
Jim Thomas Elections and Administrative Support (Florida) 352-217-9574
Cesare Turrin Point of Contact - Florida 317-569-9106