Gmail making DSRA emails harder to find!

Special notes for Gmail users:

Gmail has decided to make life tougher for marketing emailers – and DSRA emails are considered "marketing emails" because we send mass emails sent to a large hidden distribution.  Gmail has a new tabbed inbox format (unless you change it), and this means that DSRA emails may not arrive in your Primary inbox unless you take some action.
Without any action you may find that DSRA emails have been sent to your Promotions tab, or even another tab – it seems to be an arbitrary filter!  Many mass emailers are sending messages similar to this to their distribution to alert Gmail users, and it has already been documented that the "open" rates by email readers have dropped since Gmail started their new tabbed inbox.

Google Help Example, showing the new Gmail tabbed inbox:

Here are some hints for you to find or redirect DSRA emails that we are sending to you.

  1. Simplest!  If the new inbox isn't quite your style, you can simply switch off all optional tabs to go back to classic view, or switch to any of your other favorite inbox types.  Log in to Gmail at the web site level (cannot do this via Outlook or other organizer), click on the gear wheel, top right, then click on settings, then click inbox, and select or de-select choices.
  2. If you really like the new Gmail tabbed inbox you will need to keep checking the other tabs if you cannot find DSRA emails, or you could direct all DSRA emails to your Primary tab, as follows – using this Gilt/Gilt City marketing example, substitute "DSRA Inc." <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> for Gilt/Gilt City in this example!

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Thank Gmail for this extra effort to find your DSRA emails!!!