Board Member - Mike Husar

Employer info:   Delphi Steering Systems, Saginaw, Michigan
Service dates:   1964 - 2003   38.5 years

Brief Work History

  • Director – Manufacturing Systems (global)
  • Site Manager – Steering Systems Saginaw Site (18,000 people, $4 billion annual sales)
  • Director – Manufacturing Engineering (global)
  • Plant Manager – Plant 6 in Saginaw (2,000 people, $2 billion annual sales)

Brief Volunteer History

  • Board Member – DSRA
  • Vestry Member – Several Churches, including current one
  • Lay Reader – Several Churches, including current one
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Christ Anglican Church, current
  • President – Sonoran Crest Homeowners Association, current 

Specific Skills

  • Strong communication, administration, coaching skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to follow-up and get things done in both corporate and volunteer environments
  • Experienced as a team player in both corporate and volunteer environments

Other Qualifications

  • Have all the basic required skills to be an effective Board member, and have demonstrated them in both for profit and volunteer organizations.
  • Believer and implementer of transparency in operations, procedures and communications.
  • Believe in volunteering time, expertise and experience for the benefit of the entire group.