Mayor Franklin, Warren (OH): Wrong is Wrong

Mayor William D. Franklin, Warren OH: ~ if the salaried retirees get their pensions restored, the Mahoning Valley and, more specifically, the city of Warren, will benefit greatly.  ~ Politics or not, right is right and wrong is wrong.  What happened to the Delphi salaried retirees can be corrected.  Those folks earned their pensions and need to be treated fairly. ~ All the salaried retirees have ever asked for is fair and equitable treatment - nothing more and nothing less.  Mayor Franklin's letter | TribToday: Help Delphi Retirees Win

Bloom: "We Determine What's Fair!"

Rep. Mike Kelly (PA) speaking from his findings on the House Committee hearings related to Administration directed cuts in Delphi salaried pensions, quoting Ron Bloom, former Auto Czar, as saying on oath: "It Does Not Have To Be Equal, We Determine What's Fair!"  Fox News video

Obama administration made a “political” decision: Detroit News| Newsmax

Wider probe of Delphi pension scandal sought: Washington Examiner