The Dark Side of Obama's Auto Industry Bailout

Barack Obama is running for re-election as the man who saved General Motors. ~ It's a specious argument. ~ the bailout had more to do with preserving the existing contracts the United Autoworkers Union have ~ Obama's auto bailout, as this short video produced by Let Freedom Ring shows, didn't work out so well for Delphi salaried retirees. ~ Obama didn't stand by them. Obama didn't bail them out. Instead, he cut them loose, costing them their pensions ~ Full US News article

Obama Misrepresents Auto Bailout

NLPC | Mark Modica | Mon 09/10/2012

~ the President "saved" General Motors ~ Here's news for voters who didn't pay attention ~ the Obama Administration used taxpayer money to manipulate the bankruptcy process and assure that political friends in the UAW received favorable treatment compared to non-union claims. ~ the Obama Administration influenced GM when UAW retirees at Delphi had their pension benefits "topped off" with GM's taxpayer funds as nonunion retirees lost their benefits. Members of the Administration apparently lied under oath when they testified that Team Obama had nothing to do with the inequitable treatment of non-union retirees. Read full NLPC article

Dems praise auto bailout - omit any reference to 20,000 Delphi retirees whose pensions terminated

Matthew Boyle 09/10/2012

Democrats congratulated themselves more than 150 times for President Barack Obama’s 2009 auto bailout during last week’s Democratic National Convention ~ But not once did the Democrats mention the victims of the auto bailout: The non-union workers at GM’s primary parts supplier Delphi who had their pensions terminated by the Obama Administration at the very same time the pensions of their union colleagues were bailed out with taxpayer money. DailyCaller article

Obama Administration Handpicked Delphi Salaried Retirees As Losers

Alex Cortes, Vice President, Let Freedom Ring USA was interviewed by Shannon Bream on Fox News yesterday, Sunday 9/9/2012, and was able to give a very succinct overview of the Obama Administration's discriminatory treatment against Delphi salaried retirees.  Video | Related posting