Issa, Turner threaten Geithner with subpoenas on Delphi documents

Daily Caller | Matthew Boyle | 2012-09-28

House oversight committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa and Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Turner on Thursday officially threatened to use subpoenas to force Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to provide Congress with all documents related to the Delphi pension scandal if he doesn’t come through by Oct. 9.  Read DailyCaller article

In Delphi scandal’s wake, Obama Treasury Dept. shares credit for auto bailout with Bush administration

Daily Caller | Matthew Boyle | 2012-09-27

President Barack Obama’s administration is sharing credit for the 2009 auto bailout with the George W. Bush administration, as pieces of the Delphi salaried retirees pension scandal start to come under fire from three different House committees. ~ The statement from one of the Treasury Department’s highest-ranking officials that Bush — not Obama — initiated the auto bailout stands in contrast with the rhetoric Democrats have pumped on the campaign trail. ~ Vice President Joe Biden cited the auto bailout and the killing of Osama bin Laden as Obama’s biggest successes heading into the home stretch of the election season.  Read DailyCaller article

GM/Delphi employees protesting President Obama

ToledoNewsNow | Tim McMahon / Bridget Kennedy | 2012-09-26

President Obama was greeted by supporters inside the Stroh Center. Obama was not without his detractors on the outside. ~ retired GM/Delphi employees do not share that same sentiment. The salaried workers say they lost their pensions because of the auto bailout. ~ "During the GM bankruptcy which was expedited. It wound up that we have no health care, no life insurance and our pensions have been reduced 30-70% meanwhile the politically connected union retirees have their full healthcare and their full pensions. Now, we're glad they have them, they earned it, but so did we," said retiree Tom Rose.  Read ToledoNewsNow article