Detroit News — Michigan AG, others urge Supreme Court to review Delphi retirees' slashed pensions

     Detroit News | Melissa Nann Burke, Washington | Nov 4, 2021
Former Delphi Corp. salaried workers are chasing their last shot in a 12 year legal fight to restore their pensions — the U.S. Supreme Court, which is expected to decide in coming weeks whether to take up their case. ... Read article (paid subscription) ...

Detroit Free Press Story Captures Why We Fight So Hard

     Detroit Free Press | Todd Spangler
   An excellent and accurate story about our 12-year fight appeared online at the Detroit Free Press this morning. Click the image for a video overview, or click here for full story as told by an impartial reporter. We thank Todd Spangler, Washington correspondent for the Detroit Free Press for this comprehensive coverage.

Detroit Free Press — MI Attorney General Nessel asks US Supreme Court to take up Delphi retirees' plea for fairness

     Detroit Free Press | Todd Spangler
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday threw her office's weight behind a group of former auto employees' effort to try to get the retirement benefits they earned.
Nessel wrote a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of her office and those of six other states' attorneys general asking the court to take up an appeal by a group of retirees who used to work for Delphi, which was spun off of General Motors.. Read article ...

Delphi Pension Scandal: A Story That Should Be Bigger

Stephen Kruiser | FreedomWorks | August 23, 2012

Perhaps the most insidious case of cronyism occured as part of the auto industry bailout at the Delphi automotive parts manufacturing company. Twenty thousand non-union workers had their pension plans terminated while those of Delphi's union employees were preserved.  ~ There is evidence, however, that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was pulling the strings that made the PBGC dance. That evidence, along with the overwhelming egregiousness of termination of the pensions, has led to a bipartisan (Isn't that what we all want?!?) inquiry into exactly what went on during the decision making process for Delphi workers.  FreedomWorks article