Internal emails: Treasury officials held 2009 backroom bailout meeting on Delphi pension plans

Matthew Boyle | The Daily Caller | 2012-10-28

 ‘Highly confidential’ internal Treasury documents show Obama administration’s deep involvement in Delphi pension scandal.

Internal Treasury Department emails obtained by The Daily Caller show that in June 2009 a high-ranking Treasury official planned a backroom meeting to discuss the pension plans for 20,000 nonunion Delphi salaried retirees.  ~  these internal emails indicate the Treasury Department was involved to a greater degree than the administration has conceded publicly.  ~  These emails contradict July 2012 congressional testimony Feldman gave during an investigation by the subcommittee on TARP, Financial Services and Bailouts of Public and Private Programs.

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Congressional leaders to Obama on Delphi scandal: Turn over documents or claim executive privilege

Matthew Boyle | DailyCaller | 2012-10-26

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Dave Camp challenged President Barack Obama to turn over documents related to the Delphi pension scandal, hinting that a claim of executive privilege could be the White House’s only available legal avenue to avoid disclosure.  Daily Caller article

See the president's own words on transparency (video) at a January 21, 2009 at White House Ceremony: "The way to make government responsible is to hold it accountable.  And the way to make government accountable is to make it transparent so that the American people can know exactly what decisions are being made, how they are being made, and whether their interests are being well served.

Ryan takes up issue of autoworker pensions in Ohio

Los Angeles Times | Alana Semuels | 2012-10-28

SABINA, Ohio -- Auto workers might be a tough demographic for the Romney-Ryan campaign to court -- many benefited from the industry bailout and have praised President Obama and his administration for their actions during the economic slowdown. ~ But Paul D. Ryan tried to change that Saturday on the final leg of his five-stop bus tour through Ohio, meeting with retired salaried workers of onetime GM supplier Delphi Corp. and telling a group of Ohioans in a high school gym how those workers illuminated the flaws of the Obama administration. ~ Before the rally at East Clinton High School in Sabina, Ohio, Ryan sat around a horseshoe table with 10 representatives from the Delphi Salaried Retirees Assn. and with Rep. Mike Turner. Thomas Rose, chairman of the association, told Ryan that the group had petitioned the White House for transparency about why salaried employees would not receive pensions.

Full story | DSRA-Ryan meeting WHIO TV video extract

Chairman Camp Demands Obama Administration Explain Why 20,000 Delphi Workers Pensions Were Slashed

Fox News' Megyn Kelly discussions regarding the Obama Administration's contrived cuts of Delphi salaried pensions:

… with Trace Gallagher, reviewing the comments of David Axelrod, advisor to President Obama

Video - Megyn Kelly - Trace Gallagher - David Axelrod comments

… and with Chris Plante (WMAL TV host) and Julie Roginsky (Democratic strategist):

Video - Megyn Kelly - Chris Plante - Julie Roginsky