Left behind - Not everyone was rescued in the auto bailout

Columbus Dispatch Opinion | 2012-11-01

The Obama administration’s $82 billion auto bailout has been credited for the president’s relatively strong poll numbers in Ohio compared with some other swing states.  ~  thousands of salaried workers for Delphi, including hundreds in central Ohio, who lost their pensions in the government-orchestrated bankruptcy of the auto makers are speaking out about the myth of the government’s auto “rescue.”  ~  “GM may be alive, but I’m struggling,” says one former Delphi worker in a video on conservative website Revealing Politics.  ~  only union members came out relatively unscathed on the taxpayers’ dime. In an extraordinary move, the administration saw to it that unionized employees had their pensions and benefits preserved in the bankruptcy process. Meanwhile, nonunionized, salaried workers at GM’s Delphi parts unit were not given this special treatment, and saw much of their pension, health insurance and other benefits disappear.  Read more... Columbus Dispatch Opinion

Delphi related Documents: Like in Solyndra, Obama auto bailout official used multiple email addresses including personal ones

Matthew Boyle | Daily Caller | 2012-10-29

A member of President Barack Obama’s Auto Task Force, which conducted the 2009 auto industry bailout, used three different email addresses for official business – including two personal ones – documents The Daily Caller has obtained show.  ~  Auto Task Force team member Harry Wilson used a Treasury Department email address, a personal Gmail address and a personal email address from Harvard University to conduct official business.  ~  A congressional source close to the Delphi pension scandal investigation told TheDC that the use of personal email addresses by Obama administration officials appears to be a standard tactic to avoid oversight and accountability.

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Documents: Obama Admin Slashed 20,000 Non-Union Autoworker Pensions

Newly uncovered internal documents between the Treasury Department and the federal agency in charge of private-sector pension benefits reveal that the Obama Administration was directly involved in the elimination of pension benefits for 20,000 retired salaried workers of GM supplier Delphi Corp., a claim it previously denied.  ~ The revelation, says GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, should make Ohioans and others think twice about buying President Obama’s claim that he saved the American auto industry.   ~  "the president likes to go around Ohio talking about how he saved the auto industry, how the auto bailout was such a success,” said Ryan  ~ “He hasn’t talked to these Ohio Delphi salaried employees. Because this is one of those examples of the government picking winners and losers.” Breitbart News article

‘Highly confidential’ internal Treasury documents show Obama administration’s deep involvement in Delphi pension scandal

Matthew Boyle | The Daily Caller | 2012-10-28

Internal Treasury Department documents described as “highly confidential” and obtained by The Daily Caller show a greater level of involvement in the Delphi pension scandal from senior officials in the Obama administration than has been previously acknowledged. ~ A July 2009 document prepared by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) titled “Treasury Talking Points re: Delphi” shows coordination between high-level players inside the PBGC and Treasury Department. The document was an attachment to a July 7, 2009 email from PBGC’s Joseph House to Treasury’s Matthew Feldman, Oren Haker and Paul Nathanson. ~ Only those “brethren” who were union members, however, saw their pensions preserved in the 2009 auto bailout. Nonunion Delphi retirees lost theirs.

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