The Autoworkers Obama Left Behind

Feb 29, 2012 | Michelle Malkin |  

The White House fairy tale about the Happily Ever After Auto Bailout is missing a crucial, bloody page. While President Obama bragged about "standing by American workers" at a rowdy United Auto Workers meeting Tuesday, he failed to acknowledge how the Chicago-style deal threw tens of thousands of nonunion autoworkers under the bus.  ~ the White House auto team schemed with Big Labor bosses to preserve UAW members' costly pension funds by shafting their nonunion counterparts. ~ These forgotten nonunion pensioners (who worked for the Delphi/GM auto parts company) lost all of their health and life insurance benefits. ~~ Click here for Michelle Malkin's full story

Romney: Delphi Salaried Benefits Slashed

Thanks to Gov. Romney for his support for us in this op-ed in today's Detroit News.

Gov. Romney's remarks include:  "The pensions of union workers and retirees at Delphi, GM's parts supplier, were left untouched, while some 21,000 non-union salaried employees saw their pensions slashed and lost their life and health insurance. And so on and so forth across the industry."

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Make all Delphi retirees equal

Youngstown Vindicator |
It is not too late to right a wrong that was set in motion nearly three years ago, one that was inherited in part by former Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams when he took the job of Executive Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers ~ Click here for the full article