Delphi Salaried Retirees Respond to Biden's Comment: "Most are Fine!"

On May 16 Vice-president Biden stated "We were able to protect the hourly workers. Most salaried workers got their full pensions and most did very well."  He admitted that ONLY the hourly pensions were protected by the Obama administration, and LIED by stating that most salaried workers received full pensions.

Bruce Gump responded on WFMJ21 Youngstown OH to correct the facts for the Delphi salaried retirees.

Bailout hype disses Delphi

The Detroit News | Daniel Howes

The Obama administration's endless election-year touting of the auto bailouts it engineered to save a gazillion jobs in the Midwest and rescue two Detroit automakers evidently doesn't apply to the pensions of 20,000 current and future salaried retirees of the former Delphi Corp. ~ They got hosed ~ How come? The sharpies who called the shots for the Obama Treasury Department won't say. ~ Gotta love it: Employees of what promised to be the most transparent administration in modern times refuse to explain how and why they decided to use taxpayer dollars to favor one group of (union) employees over another.  Read the entire Daniel Howes article by Daniel Howes .....

Biden: Addresses Delphi Pensions After Speech - "most did fine!"

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"The Obama administration is doing everything it can to help thousands of Delphi workers who lost their pension and health care benefits as part of the restructuring of General Motors", according to Vice President Joe Biden. ~ Referring to Delphi retirees, Biden said "Some of them got hurt, but the vast majority, because of the federal pension board they have out there to make up differences when companies go under like this, most did fine. But some got really hurt and we're doing everything in our power to provide alternatives to them to be able to make up for the spot they've been in." ~  See the entire report and video …..