Delphi retirees say Obama administration betrayed them

Lisa Myers | Talesha Reynolds | NBC News | 2012-11-04

Delphi salaried retirees' stories retold by NBC News ~ “We were the group that was just kicked to the curb like yesterday’s trash” ~ two congressional committees and the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (SIGTARP) are investigating the basis and motivation for this decision.  ~  “Inside our [retirees] organization we have lots of people that have seen their homes foreclosed,” “They’ve had to declare personal bankruptcy. There’s been some families that have broken up over the stress associated with this. There’s even been a couple suicides.”  The DSRA retirees are a politically diverse group – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – but regardless of political stripe, many of them believe the Obama administration betrayed them. ~ “what really happened was that this administration simply wanted to take care of their political base”  Read entire article… | NBCNews Video