Obama's 'You're On Your Own' Policy For Delphi Retirees

09/14/2012 07:06 PM ET   Cronyism: The White House is stonewalling three Congressional committees seeking to find out why GM bailout cash topped pensions of union workers while nonunion Delphi workers got stiffed. What are they hiding? ~ As the bailout was hashed out, Delphi workers got their pensions cut as much as 70%, while the United Auto Workers and other unions were made whole. ~ How did this happen? None other than through White House and Treasury Department intervention. ~ Obama administration officials apparently muscled in on the work of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) — an independent pension agency for bankrupt companies that by law is not permitted to play favorites — and played favorites. ~ three separate House committees all have found sufficient grounds for launching investigations into what they call the "closed door deals" around this Delphi deal. ~ The Obama administration is treating these committees with the same contempt it treats all congressional investigations ~ That's the truth that should see daylight, without another cover-up.  Investors.com full article