Biden Greeted By Auto-Bailout Victims Who Say They Aren't Doing 'Just Fine'

Alex Cortes | September 12, 2012

Today, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Wright State University in Dayton, OH, the home of over 2,000 victims of the auto-bailout who you never hear about: the non-union retirees at GM’s primary parts supplier, Delphi.  These non-union retirees were subjected to pension losses of up to 70% by the Obama Administration at the very same time it bailed out the pensions of Delphi’s union retirees with our taxpayer dollars!  Naturally, a Joe Biden speech must feature at least one slip-up, and today he called the university “Wayne State University” twice until the crowd corrected him that he was at Wright State University.  Thankfully for Biden, this slip-up wasn’t as bad as one he made during another recent trip to Ohio, where he had the audacity to say that the vast majority of the non-union Delphi retirees are “doing just fine.”  I have interviewed many of these retirees on camera and they are not doing "just fine."  Click here to watch some of the interviews where they powerful speak on camera about how they are struggling.   Read full CNSNews article