Obama's auto fairy tale

Henry Payne | Detroit News | The Michigan View | Fri, Sep 7, 2012

"Romney was willing to let Detroit go bankrupt," said Joe Biden ~ But what Biden didn't mention was that the Obama administration itself let Detroit go bankrupt. ~ The fact that Obama took GM and Chrysler into Chapter 363 bankruptcy as opposed to the Chapter 11 managed bankruptcy that Mitt Romney proposed - went largely unmentioned ~ As for Delphi, White House empathy for the middle class was not extended to middle-class Delphi white collar workers who lost between 30-70 percent of their pensions in the White House-led reorganization. ~ Biden's favorite campaign slogan should read: "GM is alive. Delphi pensions are dead." ~ it is clear that the Obama administration only saw the industry's troubles from the perspective of saving a Democratic special interest, the UAW.  Read full article