2-10-10: Judge Rejects GM, Government Requests for Delay; DSRA Attorneys Prepare for Feb. 18 Conference

Our attorneys continue to prepare for the status and settlement conference to be held in Detroit federal court on February 18.  This past week, the Court entered an order setting February 16 as the date for the Federal defendants to answer our amended complaint.  This is significant because these defendants had also asked for a "stay" of the proceedings well beyond February 16, so as to assist GM in its illicit effort to shift some of our case to the bankruptcy court in New York City.  Our attorneys have strongly opposed those efforts to stay any aspect of our case, and so far the Federal Court in Detroit has rejected the Federal defendants' request.  We also believe that the court continues to work on an additional ruling on our preliminary injunction request.  At this point, the court order in effect is that the PBGC should escrow the difference between our reduced benefits and our full benefits.  While the PBGC has moved to amend or strike that order, the Court has not done so, and may be drafting a more comprehensive order directing the PBGC to respect our rights and preserve our funds in an escrow account.