Rep./Speaker Boehner: Why is the White House Still Stonewalling?

Boehner Column:  Why is the White House Still Stonewalling Delphi Retirees?
WASHINGTON, D.C. – [2013-06-14] Congressman/Speaker John Boehner (R-West Chester-OH) discussed in a column the unequal treatment of non-union Delphi salaried retirees, his comments included: "~Americans should never be targeted by their government for partisan purposes. ~ we’ll continue working to get to the bottom of the IRS abuse, Benghazi and another issue that’s critically important to many in the Miami Valley: the Delphi pension scandal. ~ thousands of non-union workers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and elsewhere saw their retirement savings slashed during the 2009 auto bailout.  While the president’s union allies were protected, these non-union workers had their pensions cut by as much as 70 percent. ~ Still, the administration continues to stonewall. ~
"'For four years now we have been trying to gain access to records from the PBGC and Treasury…,' former Delphi Senior Engineer and Vice-Chair of the Delphi Salaried Retirees Association Bruce Gump said. 'Yet in spite of promises from everybody from the president on down… we have been fought every step of the way.' ~
"As many Delphi non-union workers will attest, it’s about economic freedom, jobs, and the very real implications of an out-of-control government picking winners and losers – and we aren’t about to let up."