Auto Industry Pension Task Force

Statement by

Den Black, chairman, Delphi Salaried Retirees Association,

responding to the creation of the

Auto Industry Pension Task Force

By Congressmen Mike Turner (OH-10) and Tim Ryan (OH-13)

“We are deeply pleased and grateful to Congressmen Turner and Ryan for founding the Auto Industry Pension Task Force.  We have fought for more than three years to regain our earned pensions, and all the economic improvements they would bring to our families and communities.  We look forward to the support the Task Force will bring to bear on our issue and we especially look forward to finally achieving a fair and equitable resolution to our issues.

As Congressman Ryan pointed out, ‘The work of the Task Force will be  to build a coalition members  that will help ensure that the Delphi retirees can continue their retirement knowing that they will have the benefits promised to them while they were working.’  We are indeed anxious for that to occur soon with the tenacious support of the Task Force.

To date, the Delphi salaried retirees and several Congressional Committees have demanded access to records held by the U.S. Treasury that will reveal the decisions made that resulted in the salaried retirees losing up to 70 percent of their pensions while members of the politically supportive major unions saw their pensions topped up with the use of as much as $29 billion taxpayer-provided funds.  So far the Treasury has refused to provide those records and has moved in court to prevent them from being revealed.  As to a House Ways and Means Committee demand to be permitted access to these documents, the Administration has threatened to use executive privilege to keep the records secret, even though the request concerns a pension issue, not national security.”