Email Updates: Special Notice

    Updated 18 May 2020
18 May 2020  AOL-Yahoo emails producing "Abuse" reportsMembers using email addresses should be aware that the ongoing merger of AOL > Yahoo > Oath > Verizon is causing some issues — we have received several reports that our emails have been reported as "Abuse" — these reports are coming to us from Yahoo, but reporting for AOL email addresses. We have followed up in many instances, and in every case we found all the reports were false. At this point we are unaware of any corrective action to be taken by members or DSRA, this appears to be a facet of the older AOL and Yahoo email technology.
02 May 2020  Inteva Products has hard bounced all our emailsMembers using email addresses will no longer receive our emails and need to change to personal email addresses to receive future communications.  We do not permit the use of any Delphi, Aptiv, or GM related email addresses, and we strongly recommend against using any business or ISP emails.  Please log in to update your record.
If you have lost your login credentials please click here to contact us - any password updates can only be sent to your email on record, and my be rejected by Inteva Products.  Please do not create a duplicate record.
Please note that the above refers only to registration and emails for DSRA Inc., mainly for pension related information.  For health care insurance and life insurance information and registration please refer to the DSRA Benefit Trust VEBA at their separate web site